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Ultimate Demon Review | Ultimate Alternative to Senuke X | Ultimate Demon Blast

Ultimate Demon review, discussion and thoughts. This is quite a bit like Senuke X except that it's much more affordable. Everybody in the link building software, link building service and SEO community is quite happy to see a link building software comparable to Senuke X out on the market at such reasonable prices. Senuke X is $147 a month. Ultimate Demon costs $47 per month or about $350 for a lifetime license.

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Ultimate Demon

I grabbed the lifetime license as soon as I saw that it was being offered.

Now, what I like about this software is that it's like having all the link building tools you need wrapped up into one efficient tool. It's similar in layout to Edwin's other link building tools like Bookmarking Demon and Article Demon. 

Ultimate Demon has been created with efficiency in mind ie eliminating redundancies. The user can set up his link building campaigns with fewer clicks than ever before. It supports proxies of course and has a proxy rotater which, as the name implies, will rotate through your proxies as the submissions take place. This is important so that your links are posted all over the internet with the same IP address.

If you are an internet marketer then this is almost all you really need to get by. You can rank your longtails all day with Ultimate Demon and make real money. You can also lay down a solid foundation of basic links for any site. Ultimate Demon does not need to be used as a blackhat link building tool. You can use Ultimate Demon to create thousands of accounts but you don't have to just throw links at them blackhat seo style. Not at all. Just like with Senuke X, many white hat SEO professionals and freelancers will be comfortable using this software to speed up certain processes.

Edwin the creator of Ultimate Demon, best known for creating the standard-setting bookmark software Bookmarking Demon, is a good software developer. What I mean is that he supports his client base in a professional manner. I have never had a problem with their support at Edwin Soft -ever. That's amazing and you know what? I'm going to sing about it loud and clear because I believe that customer service is NOT what it used to be. So whenever I get good customer service I tell the whole world about it.

Ultimate Demon vs Senuke

There is some interesting debate going on in the forums regarding Ultimate Demon vs Senuke X. The general consensus is that Ultimate Demon is very close to Senuke X now and will probably eclipse it one day. One of the main differences between Senuke X vs Ultimate Demon is the diagram designer in SEN-x. The diagram designer has become a real favorite among Senuke X users. It provides a drag and drop interface that you can use to set up your link campaigns. Ultimate Demon does not have that and some people miss it. I don't think this is a deal breaker though, and especially not at the discount price (well it's almost a discount compared to senuke).

Both link building programs have automatic captcha solving. You can just sign up at whatever captcha solving service comes with either program and you never have to enter a captcha. Hands off! Both have proxy support as I mentioned earlier. Ultimate Demon has a feature that is similar to Scrapebox and not Senuke X; you can scan your backlinks to see if they are live. You can even check for article links that go live days later. This is really cool.

Senuke x has link wheel capabilities but you have to know how to use senuke x really well to even be aware of it. Edwin says that he is working on adding the linkwheel feature to Ultimate Demon as soon as this spring.

Is Ultimate Demon Black Hat

I see this question in my keywords as reported by google analytics all the time. It's not always is ultimate demon black hat, but it applies to all link building software that I review. I get asked, or at least people find this blog by searching for, "Is bookmarking demon black hat" or "Is senuke black hat".  I have the same answer: Software is not blackhat and it can't be. Black Hat simply refers to a mindset that search engine optimization professionals can adopt. This mindset is to apply all working techniques as regards SEO to our sites and our client's sites. Some techniques capitalize on underdeveloped parts of the GSA or google search algorithm. That's it.

Let me ask you, the reader: Is it "black hat" to use software to sign up accounts at lots of sites? Even if you think it is it's not the software that is black hat - it's the mindset of the person. Really, black hat is a term that's been way overused and now it has little meaning, kind of like the word Genius. Now that Kurt Cobain has been called a genius (isn't every artist called a genius when they die young?) the word has no more meaning:) Same is true with black hat. Having said that, you can use this software to throw thousands of links very quickly to some parasite web2.0 pages and outrank older authority sites. Just look at the pharma serps and you'll understand.

 Ultimate Demon Guide - Ultimate Demon Manual

Ultimate Demon comes with a great operating manual and guide. There are lots and lots of screen shots and everything is covered. Ultimate Demon specifications are all documented throughout. This manual is very detailed and seems as though it was written with the complete nooby in mind. That's how it should be too. Let me tell you, these tools have come a long way since the early days. I used to do all of this work by hand. Ugh!

There are also many videos on youtube showing you the ins and outs of Ultimate demon. I may make a short video myself, but I really need to figure out how to produce better quality videos, especially the sound quality.  My Ultimate Demon manual is for version 1.2 because I haven't downloaded the new one if there is one. I know how to use this software now that I've had it for a while. After a couple of runs through it you should have it down.

Ultimate Demon Affiliate Program

There definitely is an ultimate demon affiliate program available. I recommend buying this software, learning how to use it and then joining the affiliate program. I always purchase and use the link building software that I review on this site. This is a monthly subscription software unless you buy the lifetime license. That means that you can make some serious affiliate cash selling this software. I have no problems selling this link building software at all because I believe in the product - I use it.
By the way, you have to sign up to RegNow to promote Ultimate Demon and get paid!

Ultimate Demon Bonus

There are a lot of marketers like me selling Ultimate Demon now. In order to be competitive many of them are offering an ultimate demon bonus if you buy from them. What they are offering is a list of site you can upload into Ultimate Demon thus expanding the software's potential. But the problem is that that defeats the purpose of scraping your own links. A lot of noobs don't get this so pay attention if you are a noob: don't use other people's link lists. It's okay, I guess, to use a friends or coworkers link list but you really don't want to use a link list (list of pligg or article or forums etc...) that is being sold to everybody who makes a purchase at some site. You will all have the same list and your links won't be natural looking. Remember, one of the great things about Ultimate Demon is the camouflage factor. Ultimate Demon links can be made to look quite natural if you are careful. Downloading a big list of sites you can upload to Ultimate Demon is not a very good idea. Go ahead, try it if you are lazy, but you'll come around.

Ultimate Demon Forum

Edwin has just setup a forum for Ultimate Demon and his other products like Bookmarking Demon, Blog Comment Demon, Article Demon and Rewrite Demon. You can check out the Ultimate Demon forum when you get a chance. There is lots to learn in these forums. They are often full of very active, very engaged and very passionate people who use the software, use other link building software all the time and know a great deal about SEO, programming, marketing and so on. I highly recommend joining any software forum, especially the Ultimate Demon forum.

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