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Link building software reviews are actually fun for me to write. Being an SEO professional, I enjoy working with all of the various link building tools and SEO software. I use each of the link building software reviewed here more or less all the time. I don't use every one of them for every project, but I use them all and they all have good points. I guess the main benefit is that they make it quite easy and quick to rank my sites and my client's sites. 

Bookmarking Demon 

  Bookmarking Demon is the software I have been using for years to get my social bookmarking links. This software has stood the test of time and is part of the SEO guy's tool chest. There are other link building programs that are similar to BMD but none are as sophisticated and well developed as bookmarking demon. 

 You can read a full review of bookmarking demon if you have the time, but in a nutshell, I like this software for a few reasons. One reason is the sophistication of the software and the other reason is the fact that social bookmarking links are an essential part of any SEO campaign. We need them, period. So this is my preferred way of getting social bookmarking links. My preference has a lot to do with the fact that I've watched this software develop for the last 5 years. I was part of a forum that had a group of marketers that used this software daily for all kinds of things. Over the years as users contributed valuable feedback, Edwin has listened to his customers and continues to constantly tweak this software (a number of times there have been very major upgrades) making it better and better. 

This software randomizes your titles, descriptions, login names and passwords - everything. It's fast because it's multi-threaded, it gets me huge amounts of anchored links from major authority sites, you can add your own lists of pligg sites, bookmarking sites, scuttle sites, scuttle plus sites - it's expandable.

Xrumer - Extreme Backlinks

Another time tested software. This one is not cheap and there's a reason for that: it works extremely. It's easy to underestimate the versatility and sheer power of this SEO software. Some people use it for direct marketing and spew their full blown ads out all over the entire internet. Others use it to rank for buy viagra. Still, others use it to get 2nd and 3rd tier links to their Senuke X web2.0 profile pages and social network sites. I really like the results I'm getting using Xrumer to spray thousands of links to my web2.0 link wheels. It's amazing what happens when you toss 50,000 backlinks at a few aged web2.0 pages that are link wheeled together. 

You can check out my Xrumer review if you like, for a more in depth view. Xrumer is expensive at over $500 and $10 a month for services. Yes, you have to pay a monthly fee now to use Xrumer. I don't like this one bit but that's how it is. Also, if you really want to open this nasty SEO software up, you really should run in on a dedicated server. That'll run you $300 a month if you use bulletproof hosting. I offer xrumer services but you'll have to read about it in the review. This will rank you for any keyword in the world. 

Scrapebox - Compact and Efficient Link Building Software

Scrapebox is a terrific link building program. It's kind of like Xrumer but much easier to use and more intuitive in my opinion. This doesn't quite have the muscle that Xrumer has but it has way more than enough to be dangerous. In fact, I use this software more than I use Xrumer nowadays. I like it because it's quick and easy to use.  I love feeding large lists of auto-approve blogs into Scrapebox and letting it just pump tens of thousands of quick links out. This is great for reputation management. You know why? Because in reputation management we typically build lots of links to pages at yelp, superpages, yellowpages, manta and other very high authority sites. These kinds of sites can take a lot of abuse! You can send 50,000 links to a yelp page over night and it won't do the google dance! I love these pages. 

Ultimate Demon

Ultimate Demon is created by the maker of Bookmarking Demon. This is the first link building software like Senuke X that has come out as an alternative. I purchased the lifetime deal right away because Edwin's going to keep working on it over time. Ultimate Demon is very close to Senuke X right now, very close. In time it will be pretty much the same if not better. It's very inexpensive compared to Senuke X.

Senuke X costs $147 per month while Ultimate Demon costs around $350 for  a lifetime license or about $47 per month.  If you've been wishing you had enough money for Senuke X and you've been hoping for a cheaper but comparable alternative would arrive - this is it! You can read a full Ultimate Demon review and I may even do a video on it.

Senuke X

Senuke X is the upgrade from the previous software known simply as Senuke. This, along with Xrumer, is the most popular software for search engine optimization professionals and serious internet marketers. This is, at least for the time being, the king of link building software today. It's different than Xrumer in that it focuses on camouflaging and making everything look as white hat as possible. It actually ends up looking like greyhat but if you take your time and use real content, you can create white hat pages, blogs, web2.0 properties, social networks and forums.

You can read my full review of Senuke X and also check out the services I offer using this software. I plan on expanding the scope of the services I intend to offer with each of my link building tools.

Blog Comment Demon

I use Comment Demon to find lots of high pagerank links in all the niches I need. I love free links and that's exactly what we get from blogs. Blog links are very good compared to other kinds of free links, especially when they come from relevant pages. Blog Comment Demon scrapes for blogs, organizes the results according to any criteria you want and allows you to save tons of time doing blog commenting.

I have a full review and a video review of this popular link building software awaiting your reading or viewing pleasure. I found a dofollow PR7 page that allowed anchored links with this software. No one else had found that page. That proves to me that there are new PR7's being born with every google update!

SEO Elite - SEO Analysis Software - Get a Top Google Ranking

SEO Elite is an SEO analysis software that I first started using back about four years ago. This software is what actually taught me the truth about SEO. I analyzed hundred of top ranking sites in many, many niches just to see if I could find a pattern to their success. Well, I did discover that pattern as have many other people.

This software does more than just analyze sites. It can also act as your rank checking software. That's a really handy thing, especially once you get the hang of doing good SEO and you start to actually have to keep track of your rankings. This software is created by Brad Callen and it has stood the test of time like Bookmarking Demon and Xrumer and Senuke.  That's why these tools are still in my SEO tool chest - they work!  You can read my full review of SEO Elite here.

Keyword Elite -  Professional Keyword Analysis Software

Another product from Brad Callen that I think is very useful. This is the only tool I use for keyword research. It does so much more than just tell you the broad, phrase, exact, global and local searches. It allows you to manipulate the keywords in groups and many other ways. There are multiple projects you can open up and each has a different focus. This isn't a link building tool, but you can't build your links until you have a keyword list!

I have a keyword elite review that I posted some time back. Please read it if your interested in learning about how this SEO software can help you generate enormous keyword lists containing many fabulous longtails that no one else is even fighting for! That's the beauty of using a great keyword tool. You can uncover so many niche keywords and even emerging keywords from recent trends of all kinds. You can even scrape meta tags from other people's sites and get some really nice ideas.

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