Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SEO Live Video Analysis | Post Panda SEO Lesson

How to Get Top Rankings After Google Panda Update

This video sheds light on SEO post Panda. In particular this video provides an SEO analysis of the pharma niche where the most aggressive and successful black hat SEO guys do their work. This niche is well known for showing spammy sites in the SERPS despite Google's ever-improving search algorithm. Let's see what's going on in the pharma niche and see if we can learn some tricks from the masters.

There has been a lot of talk lately about SEO post Panda. The Google Panda Update is really starting to bother some people. I have even read on some blogs and sites that SEO is dead! Some say it's an overstatement and others say it's not that much of a stretch at all. I think we should look at some evidence before we decide whether or not SEO will be dead in 2012. In this video I casually analyze the SERPS with you. I am just an SEO professional; one of many. Nonetheless I do this every day for a living so some of you might value our time spent together studying the SERPS.

Panda is causing lots of trouble for sure and many sites, particularly hotel sites, have been negatively impacted in a very big way. However, some of the usual suspects are managing to still beat the system the same old way. I invite you to join me in the video for a brief look at some instructive examples of black hat SEO, featuring evidence of automated link building to a highjacked page. I've been entertaining the idea of adding some instructive videos to this blog.

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