Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seo Link Pro Review | Scam

This link building software is crap and the developers refuse to support it. They took the money, refused to support their customers and even went as far as to call us customers a bunch of whinny bitches. Their software doesn't work at all. I deleted it.

This Seo Link Pro review has been a long time coming. First off let me say that you do not want to buy this software. I am afraid I can't recommend it for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it doesn't really work. The second reason is there is no support for this software. Let me explain a little.

Back in 2009 I purchased Seo Link Pro for a few hundred dollars, I think it was $297 - one time payment. This link building software was supposed to be comparable to Xrumer but only much simpler so noobs could use it. I fired it up and sure enough it was working like a charm. It was super easy to set up a project and let it go. At first it would post links like crazy, but after a very short time, it slowed way down. I was getting like 1 or 2 links every half hour or so. They updated the software once that I can remember. It worked again nicely for a little bit and died again.

Seo Link Pro is modularized and they promised to add new mods which would expand the functionality considerably. Each mod would allow the user to get links from a different source based on footprints.

Well it all went horribly wrong for the developers of Seo Link Pro, which was developed by some of the admins from the black hat forum There were a ton of complaints about how the software was basically broken. I payed special attention to everything since I loved this link building software and wanted it to work again. It was SO EASY to use and it worked great! Oh well, I digress.

Long story short: The developers of seo link pro (at syndk8 - Earl & Need) told everyone to basically piss off.Can you believe it? They were upset that the people who bought their product were complaining. Yes, instead of making good on the promises that were printed on the sales page, they simply said that those who complained are just whinny little bitches who complain about everything. Unreal!!! What balls.

Did I tell you that they still have SEO Link Pro for sale???? With the same sales page and same promises! Also, they delete virtually any thread created at synkd8 that has anything to do with their product Seo Link Pro. So they still advertise it, but wont talk about it in the forum, because we (their customers) are all a bunch of whinny bitches who want software to work as promised.