Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bookmarking Demon Review 2011 | Social Bookmarking Software

Bookmarking Demon has really come a long way since I first used it back in 2008. Back then, it only submitted to 20 main bookmarking sites plus a few scuttle sites. It would actually scrape for scuttle sites each time you used it. Fast forward to 2011 and it's a whole new story. This is really some sophisticated software. BMD watches your email and clicks the activation links when they arrive in the inbox. That is one of the best features of this link building software. There is also an option for decaptcher, in case you want to pay, oh, 2$ for 1000 captcha's! I love that.

Yet, some people complain that there isn't 100% success rate when signing up to social bookmarking sites. They also complain that accounts get banned and that you don't really get that many links from bmd. But for those of us who have been at this seo thing for a long time know, bookmarking demon performs a very useful function. Submitting links to social sites is just a part of seo life. No matter what else we do, sooner or later, this tedious task must be undertaken. Sure it can be outsourced, if you want to spend the money every single time. Bmd is a great solution for getting links via social bookmarking.

Is Bookmarking Demon worth it? Yes, in my opinion. It fits into a common promotional model that I happen to use for lots of seo campaigns. Many keywords can be dominated in the serps by simply getting some standard links for them. Standard links are links from blogs, business directories, article directories and social bookmarking sites. The four basic seo food groups if you will. Bmd pretty much automates one part of that system and you get lots of links from high pagerank sites. It's social bookmarking link building software that works. That's why I recommend you buy bookmarking demon if you do seo.

Bookmarking Demon is not a scam. I see that in the serps here and there. People ask, "Is Bookmarking Demon a scam?" What nonsense. Bookmarking Demon is a submitter. It does the exact same thing an intern would be doing - creating accounts and filling out forms - and leaving your link. It creates accounts and builds links, which is what link building software is supposed to do.

Is Bookmarking Demon a black hat link building tool? You can use it that way if you want to. I use it in a white hat way. I simply use it to create my accounts nice and easy across about 2000 sites. I write good descriptions, spin the titles and tags, and only bookmark quality content like this. Yes, accounts get banned from the bookmarking sites, but that's because I'm lazy and don't always use a proxy. When I do use proxies my accounts last. I bookmark slowly, here and there and slowly add up those kinds of links to the overall profile. It's seo 101.

You can use Bookmarking Demon for black hat seo tricks. For instance, you could outsource the creation of 5000 bmd ready accounts, upload them to bmd, post your content and let it rip, sending clickers to a sales page. You'll get a ton of accounts banned that way, but you can also make a few hundred bucks really quickly too. Black hat is funny though, you don't always hit the home run. You can get a lot of exposure though and doing mega posts across thousands of accounts will get your product seen. It's a numbers game folks.

However, I don't have time for that kind of stuff. I use Bookmarking Demon to get a layer of links that I need to get anyway. Social bookmarking links are one of the four basic kinds of links to get and bmd makes it easy to get them. It saves me time and time is money.

BMD is completely modern too. It comes proxy ready, with randomization features, and all the other stuff that we've let the developers know about via years of feedback. They listen and improve accordingly. I remember personally asking Edwin if he would have bmd click the activation links in the emails, which it now does thankfully. I've also had great service from BMD. I can't tell you how many times I needed the download link again.

Bookmarking Demon is a great tool to use if you have a blog about current topics. Think about a blog like the Huffington Post. A Goog Trends kind of blog. BMD and G-Trends is indeed a perfect storm. They feed into each other. Hot trends and social bookmarking sites are truly a magical blend that will generate a ton of traffic. For anyone who wants a site with lots of traffic, do this: start a new blog. Blog about whatever is on google trends. Bookmark all your posts with bookmarking demon. Repeat. That might get you 2000 visitors a day inside of a week or two.

If you have seo clients then this is definitely a good tool for you to have. Not only can you generate backlinks automatically, but you always get a major boost in traffic every time you do a bmd run. Clients like to see traffic increase. BMD is a good seo tool. It's a great tool to use to get stuff indexed quickly too. I use it for everything.

The interface is pretty easy to get used to and the manual that comes with it is pretty good. There are also videos that show how to use various parts of the software. It's all pretty well covered, unlike some other software that I use.

As far as bookmarking demon strategies go, I just fit it into my overall strategy of even link building. It's common seo sense that nowadays Google is giving a bit more love to social sites. Social media is fast becoming the way of the future. Things like "social mentioning" and ideas like that are starting to take shape and have impact. There's no getting around the fact that social media optimization is here to stay and it's not a fad. It's not going away any time soon. Some speculate that GOog now looks at how many social mentions or votes you get at social media sites, including the sites that bmd bookmarks to. My strategy is to bookmark slowly and natural looking. I like the way it works out when I don it like that. My links stick longer and they seem to count more. There's no point in buying link building software if the links don't stick in the long run.

Bookmarking Demon tips? Outsource the creation of thousands of accounts for a really nice price. This way you can turn bmd into a monster, if you want to. Or you can just have an almost endless list of sites to slowly drop your links into every day. Maybe you are one of those organized people who would actually use the scheduler.

I tried to give an off the cuff review here. I'm just trying to be real and share with you guys (and gals) how I really use this tool and what I think about how this fits into an overall seo strategy. I'm a fan of this tool and I don't mind selling it. If you found my review useful, please consider buying bookmarking demon through my link.