Friday, June 10, 2011

Is Bookmarking Demon Black Hat SEO

Is Bookmarking Demon black hat?

This is a question that some of you want to know. I know this because I was looking at my traffic stats in analytics this afternoon. I had some people visiting this site wanting to know if Bookmarking Demon was black hat. I would like to address this question for you and provide you with the answers you need about seo.

Bookmarking Demon is not black hat link building software necessarily. No software is black hat. Black hat seo is a mind set. Now, don't get impatient and stop reading just because I said black hat seo was a mind set. I know you want to know specifically about BMD and if it is black hat. But again, I tell you that no seo software is black or white hat. The software doesn't wear a hat. Just like a baseball bat is neither good or bad, even though it can be used to hit home runs, or hit people (yikes!).

So you may be unhappy with my answer, and, looking for further understanding and clarification, you may ask, "Well then, if I buy BMD and run a BMD campaign tomorrow - is that Black Hat activity?" Very clever question that cuts out a lot of BS. Still, the answer is a question: How did you set up that BMD campaign that you just ran? You see, we can use all SEO software, even xrumer, to do white hat seo.

How can we do white hat seo with bookmarking demon? To answer this question correctly one must define white hat and black hat seo. This is tricky. It's like trying to define "Fat". Who is fat? Is somebody who is 5 feet tall and 300 pounds fat? Definitely! I'm sure we can all agree on that. But, if that person were to lose 1 gram of weight a day, wouldn't it be true that at some day and at some very specific time, this person would no longer be "Fat"? Yes it is true. So there is a very fine line between being FAT and FAT. 1 singe gram could make all the difference - at some point. This is how it is with black hat and white hat seo too.

So, to make this easier to understand, let's just agree (for the moment) that Black hat seo produces content that is of little or no value. This content can be in the form of social bookmarks, blogs, blog comments, web2.0 properties, social network profiles and so forth. If all of these typical seo campaign outputs are of little value, then for now we can agree that such an seo campaign is black hat. So that leads us to this question: Are you going to use your seo software to create valueless content, or are you going to simply use your software to expedite certain tasks but remain committed to producing quality content in all of your seo efforts?

You have to decide what to do. You will make this decision by adopting a certain mindset. That mindset is your decision and not the software's decision. Black hat is a mindset.

There is a very strong argument that can be made for saying that all seo, when you get down to it, is black hat seo. But you are probably concerned specifically with Bookmarking Demon. You want to know if you use this software on your sites, or your client's sites, will the site be penalized or deindexed. Right? I've never had either happen and I've been using Bookmarking Demon for 3 years - almost daily - on my sites and client sites.

BMD automates the task of signing up to social bookmarking sites. That by itself has no effect on search engine rankings, therefore, so far, we are not in black hat territory. BMD also automates the posting process. This could be troublesome if you let it be so. For instance, you could set up BMD to leave hundreds of links at each social bookmarking site, all at once. You would be causing a bit of a mess at that particular site. Someone will probably review your accounts and delete them - after you make some quick cash. It's arguable if this is ethical or not.

So if you want to use BMD in an ethical way, then use it to sign up to all the social sites automatically. When posting your social bookmark descriptions, make them useful. Also, don't bookmark poor quality sites if you care about always outputting quality content as a byproduct of your seo campaigns. Finally, have some courtesy. Don't "demonize" your target social bookmarking sites. Go easy and have some respect for the other people out there in the world who are working all day too.

In summary: Bookmarking Demon is not black hat software, but you could use it that way if you wanted to. No software is capable of being black hat as that indicates a mindset and not a piece of software. BMD is safe to use on your sites and your client's sites and I have been using it for years without any problems at all. I recommend this software for automated link building.