Friday, February 11, 2011

SEO Elite Review

SEO Elite is a very handy piece of software. Strictly speaking it's not link building software but it is a main tool in any seo professional's toolkit. You can buy SEO Elite here.

What does SEO Elite do? It basically analyzes any site you load into it. SEO Elite will show you all of the important things you need to look at when doing seo analysis. What are these important seo characteristics? Things like backlinks, anchor text (very important), pagerank of each backlink, how many dot coms, dot info, dot edu's etc, the frequency of the keyword in the title tags, the pages and so on.

The most important thing for me is the backlink analysis. This is the critical component in any search engine optimization campaign. SEO Elite gives you great backlink analysis. At a glance I can see what the top ranking site in my next niche is doing. Since Google ranks these sites at number one, we now know exactly what google wants from us and our sites. Looking that the backlinks like this lets me know instantly what I need to do. Have a look at this screen shot:

You can see why this site was ranking on page one (google) for the keywords bathroom vanities. I use this tool to gauge how difficult it will be to rank well across a particular niche. This is important in terms of how we price seo campaigns as well. That can be very tricky for the new seo professional.

In the screen-shot above we see a spreadsheet. In the 1st column we have all the urls that are linking to the target page. This is handy because you can visit each of these urls one by one if you want. You can get a feel for the quality of the links this way. Do these links also have backlinks? I've uncovered some very sophisticated seo strategies and infrastructures by snooping around with SEO Elite. I like to visit a few urls just to see if the niche is being worked by other professional seo guys.

The next column shows the page rank, if you have that option selected as I do. I like the ip address column. Sometimes we see that some sites have many backlinks from the same ip address. We know that means that in that particular niche, google has no problem with so-called blackhat seo. This is good news for us because then we just have to build a similar network of supporting sites. We don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.

The most important column in my opinion is the anchor text column. When I move into a new niche I always analyze the top site's backlinks. I look to see if that site is going after my specific keyword or keywords. I check SEO Elite to see how many anchored links they have that feature my particular keyword. That's all I need to know to do my job.

There are a lot more things to do with SEO Elite. There are a number of different projects to run. You can check your site's rankings for keywords for instance. These other features are good and handy, and other people use them to facilitate their work, but I don't. I'm a simple guy. I just use SEO Elite to look at the pure seo stuff. Backlinks sliced and diced.