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Xrumer Review | Where to Buy Xrumer

Welcome back,

Welcome back to my humble blog. I am happy to return after more than one year of not posting. I'm happy to return because I finally have a new link building tool that is worth reviewing. You can read more link building software reviews first if you want. I am actually in the process of updating this blog completely. Just hang in there.

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Xrumer Review

Xrumer is the number one blackhat automated link building tool - no one else comes close. This is definitely black hat link building software. What does Xrumer do? Basically, it will post your message (with your link of course) to hundreds of thousands of forums, guestbooks, blogs, message boards, calenders, event logs, shout boxes and so forth. The main focus is on forums though. Xrumer will first create a profile that the forum and then try to make a post. It is amazingly good at this.

So how does Xrumer get all these links? First you need to scrape a huge list of targets. Hrefer is the scraper that comes bundled together with Xrumer. Hrefer is a great scraper and is capable of harvesting millions of link if used properly. In short, you use Hrefer to scrape and Xrumer to post your links.

While Xrumer can be used on your local PC, the ideal setup includes hosting Xrumer on its own dedicated server. It's costing me about $310 a month, but it's bulletproof hosting, which means I don't have to worry about spam complaints going to my hosting provider. Xrumer uses a lot of cpu resources, so you really need a dedicated server to take full advantage of an awesome seo tool like Xrumer.

Where to Buy Xrumer

The official site: botmaster This is the only place to buy Xrumer. It costs to own and run, but it's professional grade software. If you find my review useful, please consider purchasing through my link:)

The Pros and Cons

Pros: There is no other black hat seo software or other link building tool like Xrumer. If you own this tool and use it properly, you have an automatic advantage over your competition. You'll be miles ahead of most of the seo's out there. Xrumer is quite a handy tool for implementing reputation management campaigns; getting all those links to the various web 2.0 properties that would typically be part of a good reputation management strategy - no risk of any kind (site deindexing, banning, etc etc) and quick completion of the campaign.

Xrumer creates profiles at forums. Most profile pages allow you to post a link to your website. Most of the time it's just a plain url link and not an anchored link, but sometimes anchored links are allowed too. Profile links are actually pretty good. They are more effective than one might think. There may be times when you want to use xrumer just to create some profiles. You can then go back manually and make real posts. That's not what Xrumer is 'supposed' to be used for, but it's something I personally would use it for. I don't think I need to spam all of the time. We can do black hat, gray hat and white hat seo. It doesn't always have to be blackhat seo.

Xrumer is super fast. This is just ridiculous. If setup properly, Xrumer will run through your list of hundreds of thousands of forums in a matter of hours. Maybe overnight. The success rate varies on account of a few factors. One is the quality of the link list in the first place. If you scrape correctly, your link list will be of high quality. Most of those links will be actual forums that Xrumer can sign up at. If you do a lousy scrape then most of the link list will be irrelevant. This will of course effect the overall link posting success rate of Xrumer. Another factor that will effect your link posting speed and success rate is the quality and quantity of proxies being used. Some people don't use proxies but their IP's get banned in minutes. This will kill your ability to scrape targets, and you can't post links unless you scrape a list up first.

The Cons:

Xrumer is a really difficult piece of software to learn. It is notoriously hard for Xrumer noobs to implement good quality xrumer campaigns. It was hard for me to get used to using this thing. I love it now though, but it was not easy to get it down. I had to set up the server, set up the proxy checking script on one of my sites, go back and forth with support for my activation key, learn hrefer without any really good guides, learn xrumer without any really good guides, etc... It was quite frustrating. The thing that kept me going was knowing that once I was familiar with it, I would be kicking serious butt with this program.


The important thing to know is that it works. Xrumer will get you so many links that your serps will improve. No doubt about it at all. Xrumer wouldn't have survived 5 years (I think it's five years) in this very aggressive business. It works, it's a bit expensive, it's a pain in the ass to learn how to use properly, but it's unique in terms of functionality and offers the unfair advantage to whoever uses it. This is like having a machine gun when everyone else is still shooting muskets.

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Send me your keywords and url on the thank you page
4 days estimated delivery time 
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