Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SEO Live Video Analysis | Post Panda SEO Lesson

How to Get Top Rankings After Google Panda Update

This video sheds light on SEO post Panda. In particular this video provides an SEO analysis of the pharma niche where the most aggressive and successful black hat SEO guys do their work. This niche is well known for showing spammy sites in the SERPS despite Google's ever-improving search algorithm. Let's see what's going on in the pharma niche and see if we can learn some tricks from the masters.

There has been a lot of talk lately about SEO post Panda. The Google Panda Update is really starting to bother some people. I have even read on some blogs and sites that SEO is dead! Some say it's an overstatement and others say it's not that much of a stretch at all. I think we should look at some evidence before we decide whether or not SEO will be dead in 2012. In this video I casually analyze the SERPS with you. I am just an SEO professional; one of many. Nonetheless I do this every day for a living so some of you might value our time spent together studying the SERPS.

Panda is causing lots of trouble for sure and many sites, particularly hotel sites, have been negatively impacted in a very big way. However, some of the usual suspects are managing to still beat the system the same old way. I invite you to join me in the video for a brief look at some instructive examples of black hat SEO, featuring evidence of automated link building to a highjacked page. I've been entertaining the idea of adding some instructive videos to this blog.

If you have some requests please leave a comment.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blog Comment Demon Review

Blog Comment Demon is yet another SEO software from Edwin Brian, creator of Bookmarking Demon and Article Demon. This will take care of your high pagerank dofollow link needs. Blog commenting software is the only type of link building software that will give us high pagerank links. Please take a look at my first ever video for this blog. This is a no-hype video.

As you can see from my brief video review, Blog Comment Demon is not a complicated software to use. It is very intuitive, very user friendly and quite effective. It's not perfect and it sometimes delivers false positives, but I haven't used a blog commenting software that didn't have those faults. Check it out for yourself. If you've found my review helpful, please consider visiting blog comment demon through my link.

SEnuke X Review | SEnuke Post Panda Update | SEnuke Tips

SEnuke x is the most popular link building software being used right now by professional marketers and SEO service providers. It is a groundbreaking software that combines a number of standard SEO submissions softwares under one umbrella.

[Edit: Now offering Senuke X blasts! I've been working with this software everyday for the last couple years. I can do in 2 hours what it would take all day for you to do! Save time and money!]

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Just a couple of short years ago, SEO professionals and internet marketers had to buy at least four different kinds of SEO software just to be at least somewhat competitive. We had to buy article submission software like Article Submitter Platinum or Article Demon just to submit to article directories. SEnuke x includes an article submitter as one of it's main modules. The thing that makes SEnuke x better than the old Article Submitter Platinum is that SEnuke x provides content for your articles on the fly. I love this. You just click the button GENERATE CONTENT and it generates an article for you. The way to avoid duplicate content is like this: you have SEnuke x download not one but four or more (maybe ten sometimes) articles into one really long article. Then you can use the built in spinner to add synonyms. Automatic spinning and automatic content generation allows you to post unique articles (SEnuke x has a "uniqueness checker" that checks the level of uniqueness of your articles and expresses it as a percentage number - articles need to be more than %30 unique to be "really unique" and SEnuke x does this with no problem) to hundreds of article directories in no time at all.

As I said, not long ago it was the standard for any SEO professional, amateur or internet marketer, to purchase at least four different kinds of SEO link building software. The four basic types of software we needed to purchase separately, as standalone software, were:

1. Article submission software

2. Directory submission software

3. Social bookmarking software

4. Blog commenting software

We have already gone over the first of these four. What about directory submission software? Well, SEnuke x does not  do that. It does not have a module for submitting to directories. I think the reason is because there was no need to improve the already existing directory submission software. Besides, SEnuke x was trying to automate something much more beneficial, seo-wise. Then there's the blog commenting software. Again, SEnuke x does not have a module for blog commenting. Blog comments are great for SEO but there are problems. The main issue is that a link in the comment section of the blog is no where near equal in quality to a link that appears in the actual content of the blogpost itself. Therefore it's not surprising that SEnuke x is focused more on creating actual content and getting great links from inside the body of the post - not from the comment field or the sidebar.

Let's compare what SEnuke x does to our four old-school SEO software necessities listed above. SEnuke x has modules for this:

1. Article submissions

2. Forum profile creation

3. Web2.0 account creation and submission

4. Social Networks account creation and submission

5. Press Release Submission

6. Video Submission

7. Rss Feed Submission

8. Social Bookmarking

Aside from these account creation and submission modules, SEnuke x also has a toolbox that you can add to any campaign. The toolbox will turn your proxies on and off as needed and specified. This is important because a lot of place won't let you create an account if you do it behind a proxy. However, you can use proxies to submit your bookmarks and links and whatnot. The toolbox changes proxies for you after account creation. This really makes SEnuke x an automated tool that stands out from the rest.

We've talked about the Article submission module but there is so much more you want to know I'm sure. So let's move on to the Forum profile module. This module will allow you to create profiles at some select forums. Whereas Xrumer will create profiles at all of the forums (thousands and thousands) SEnuke x only comes with a list of a few hundred or so. Most of the forums have good pagerank though so that matters. SEnuke x simply creates a profile and puts your link in the "website" section of the profile. Most of the time this link is able to be anchored, but some times it is not.

Web2.0 account creation and submission is one of the more powerful features of this link building tool. The Web2.0 module includes sites like (pr9), (pr8), (pr8), (pr8), (pr7) and other such sites. The Web2.0 module in SEnuke x is similar to the Forum Profile module, except these aren't forums (for the most part) that we are signing up to. These are Web2.0 properties and some of them have really high pagerank. Some of these Web2.0 properties actually allow you to post articles in your profiles and some of them even give out dofollow links from within the article. Very unusual for Web2.0 sites - a good find. There are some gems on the site list.

The Social Network module is one of my favorites. This module will create accounts at various social network sites and then upload your articles and post them with your links. This is the most powerful way to get links in my opinion. Links from within the body of the article or post are the mots effective links one can create. You might be surprised at what kind of effect just four links from social networking sites can have on your rankings. That is of course assuming that your social network sites are not spammy, weak little sites. Without getting too sidetracked here let me just say this: I've seen pages ranking in the serps for fairly competitive longtails with just four social network links, each from a different social network site. Here's the deal, briefly: If you create a social network site and have at just four or so posts on it, relevant to your money site, and each post has original content, your money site will respond in a huge way! Social network sites are very powerful if done right!

The Press Release submission module is another great tool. This is basically like the article submission module except we are submitting press releases. I wouldn't use the spun content for this module. These links can be very nice as they tend to increase in pagerank over time. Press releases need to be written according to a certain establish format. You can't just take one of your articles and use it for a press release just like that. Nonetheless, if you have press releases to submit then this module is exactly what you need. This adds variety to your link profile as well. It looks good to Google, especially as of late in the post Panda update. Google likes to see links coming from a variety of places. All your links should always be from the same bookmarking sites, article sites, blogs and so on. We need variety and this press release module gives us that.

The Video Submission module
submits your video's to the video sites. I haven't had too much success with this module and I think they may be removing it from SEnuke x on the next update.

The RSS Feed project is very interesting indeed. Each social bookmark you create, or social network site post, or anything that gives us an RSS feed can be submitted, pinged and indexed. This is a really great tool. There are about 40 RSS sites in SEnuke x. You should choose the right category for each site or just skip that site (if there is no relevant category) since there are plenty of others that will have relevant categories anyway. This project helps your sites and pages get indexed faster and brings more traffic to your site. It works like this: when you do a social network project, or an article project, SEnuke x gathers up all of the feed urls that are generated at each site. That's one big pain in the neck that we don't have to worry about anymore. Gathering RSS feed URL's is very time intensive and boring. It's great to have this automated. Once the URLs are all gathered together they are submitted to the RSS sites and the whole net is alerted to your new page. Indexed pages mean your links will count.

The Social Bookmarking module is like a mini Bookmarking Demon. I found that with the social bookmarking sites its best to create accounts without a proxy. Then turn on the proxy when your accounts have all been created and you are ready to submit your links.

If you think I did a pretty good job on this review then please visit SEnuke X through my link.

The best thing about this software is the potential. Many users have this software so you would figure that would level out the playing field. You might figure that if everyone else is already using it then you can't really get a leg up on your competition. That is not how I see it at all. Most people don't really know how to get the most out of SEnuke x. That is great news for us (not lazy people) because if we really learn how to use this software, and if we understand post-Panda seo, then we can outfox all of our nuking buddies and beat them in the serps - but we'll all be easily beating everyone else.

In the Post Panda (Google's Panda Update) seo world things are a little different. We have to make some slight adjustments to our best practices list and move on. Most SEO's have not really adjusted to the panda update and are getting lousy results, even with excellent software like SEnuke x. My advice is to emphasize original content and build your links slowly. I almost forgot to tell you about that part. SEnuke x has a scheduler that allows you to set the speed of your link building campaign. You can choose, for instance, to blast out all the links at once, in one day with one huge submission. Or, you could spread your campaign out over 14 days (just throwing a number out there) and let the links just drip out. Slow link building and original content are key, in my opinion, since the Google Panda update, and I think SEO in 2012 is going to follow along those lines.

 [Edit: I am now offering professional Senuke X blasts for only $25 - I supply the article - Full SeNuke X Blast including forum profiles, web 2.0 properties, social network site and social bookmarking! Yes, the article is original!]

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Link Building Software

Hello and welcome back.

I have added some new link building software reviews which I think you'll be excited to read about. I'm telling you right now you'll find things on this humble little blog that you wont find anywhere else. I'm really excited about some of the brand new link building software that I've had the pleasure to beta test. Bookmark this page because there is some stuff here that you wont find anywhere else.

SEnuke has really taken center stage for a lot of reasons. This is extremely powerful software and really has change the way SEO is being conducted post 2010 or so. Functionally, this almost makes many of the other link building softwares almost redundant. SEnuke handles article submissions, web2.0 creation, social network profile creation and automatic posting, bookmarking, forum profile account creation with anchored links, rss feedlink building - SEnuke does it all. It even has a drag & drop interface for designing your own link building strategy for each campaign. You might not need any other tools besides this one, if you area okay with paying the monthly fee. It's for professionals but it's the easiest seo software I've ever used.

Comment Demon is Edwin's newest upgrade. He upgraded this right after he upgraded bookmarking demon. There is a %100 money back guarantee and it's a good product. All of Edwin's products are great. 

Article Submitter Platinum by Brad Callen -- Most internet marketers use this software to submit their articles. You still have to write the articles but it submits them to 300 directories for you automatically. White hat all the way with article submission software will get you hundreds of links every day if you use it every day. Check out my review.

The new article submitter platinum came out. It submits to more directories and its faster. It also has more directories that you can manually submit to. It auto fills the forms for you and you just submit. I use article submission software for my white hat sites mostly. They have good videos of this software Click here to see how it works.

Bookmarking Demon  --This software creates accounts for you at hundreds (thousands if you add to the list of sites) social bookmarking sites and allows you to bookmark your blog posts or sites. This is not black hat but it could be if you abuse it. It's up to you but I use it in a white hat way. You DO get tons of traffic and lots of one way links with your desired anchor text. One thing I like about this software is that it easily increases spider activity on your target site. I have found that this can lead to instant indexing if you constantly keep a site fresh in the social bookmarking community. I use this tool on every campaign.  The link to my review is in the sidebar.

Keyword Elite -- This is basically a professional level keyword tool. I use this everyday to pick out easy niches no one else is working. This is a must have otherwise you have to use the free tools and they suck. I started using this software in early 2008. It was different back then, much more streamlined. Now it's almost completely different software and it's much improved. You can execute a complete keyword analysis using this tool. It will even rank the keywords numerically in terms of ranking difficulty. This is an extremely valuable tool for anyone who is trying to uncover profitable niches and new keywords. Brad Callen keeps updating and improving his software. Like I said, I've been using his products for years now and I'm more than satisfied with his professionalism. This is a top notch product that every SEO professional should own.

Fast Blog Finder -- This excellent link building software will find blogs for you to comment on and parse them according to the criteria you select ie dofollow/nofollow etc... This has become the premier blog comment tool (does not submit comments automatically) for all white hatters looking to get links to their sites by leaving well thought out constructive comments on blogs. You simply enter your search term, or keyword, and hit enter. The software will return a bunch of relevant results. The best thing is that these results can be filtered in a variety of ways. This is the main attraction of this link building program. I like to sort by PageRank and I filter out the no-follow blogs. If you really understand search strings and how to find information on the internet, then you should be able to come up with some very interesting search strings. If you know what you are doing you will find many PR6 and PR7 opportunities.

Check out my post on black hat link building if you are into that kind of thing.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Is Bookmarking Demon Black Hat SEO

Is Bookmarking Demon black hat?

This is a question that some of you want to know. I know this because I was looking at my traffic stats in analytics this afternoon. I had some people visiting this site wanting to know if Bookmarking Demon was black hat. I would like to address this question for you and provide you with the answers you need about seo.

Bookmarking Demon is not black hat link building software necessarily. No software is black hat. Black hat seo is a mind set. Now, don't get impatient and stop reading just because I said black hat seo was a mind set. I know you want to know specifically about BMD and if it is black hat. But again, I tell you that no seo software is black or white hat. The software doesn't wear a hat. Just like a baseball bat is neither good or bad, even though it can be used to hit home runs, or hit people (yikes!).

So you may be unhappy with my answer, and, looking for further understanding and clarification, you may ask, "Well then, if I buy BMD and run a BMD campaign tomorrow - is that Black Hat activity?" Very clever question that cuts out a lot of BS. Still, the answer is a question: How did you set up that BMD campaign that you just ran? You see, we can use all SEO software, even xrumer, to do white hat seo.

How can we do white hat seo with bookmarking demon? To answer this question correctly one must define white hat and black hat seo. This is tricky. It's like trying to define "Fat". Who is fat? Is somebody who is 5 feet tall and 300 pounds fat? Definitely! I'm sure we can all agree on that. But, if that person were to lose 1 gram of weight a day, wouldn't it be true that at some day and at some very specific time, this person would no longer be "Fat"? Yes it is true. So there is a very fine line between being FAT and FAT. 1 singe gram could make all the difference - at some point. This is how it is with black hat and white hat seo too.

So, to make this easier to understand, let's just agree (for the moment) that Black hat seo produces content that is of little or no value. This content can be in the form of social bookmarks, blogs, blog comments, web2.0 properties, social network profiles and so forth. If all of these typical seo campaign outputs are of little value, then for now we can agree that such an seo campaign is black hat. So that leads us to this question: Are you going to use your seo software to create valueless content, or are you going to simply use your software to expedite certain tasks but remain committed to producing quality content in all of your seo efforts?

You have to decide what to do. You will make this decision by adopting a certain mindset. That mindset is your decision and not the software's decision. Black hat is a mindset.

There is a very strong argument that can be made for saying that all seo, when you get down to it, is black hat seo. But you are probably concerned specifically with Bookmarking Demon. You want to know if you use this software on your sites, or your client's sites, will the site be penalized or deindexed. Right? I've never had either happen and I've been using Bookmarking Demon for 3 years - almost daily - on my sites and client sites.

BMD automates the task of signing up to social bookmarking sites. That by itself has no effect on search engine rankings, therefore, so far, we are not in black hat territory. BMD also automates the posting process. This could be troublesome if you let it be so. For instance, you could set up BMD to leave hundreds of links at each social bookmarking site, all at once. You would be causing a bit of a mess at that particular site. Someone will probably review your accounts and delete them - after you make some quick cash. It's arguable if this is ethical or not.

So if you want to use BMD in an ethical way, then use it to sign up to all the social sites automatically. When posting your social bookmark descriptions, make them useful. Also, don't bookmark poor quality sites if you care about always outputting quality content as a byproduct of your seo campaigns. Finally, have some courtesy. Don't "demonize" your target social bookmarking sites. Go easy and have some respect for the other people out there in the world who are working all day too.

In summary: Bookmarking Demon is not black hat software, but you could use it that way if you wanted to. No software is capable of being black hat as that indicates a mindset and not a piece of software. BMD is safe to use on your sites and your client's sites and I have been using it for years without any problems at all. I recommend this software for automated link building.