Thursday, October 27, 2011

Link Building Software

Hello and welcome back.

I have added some new link building software reviews which I think you'll be excited to read about. I'm telling you right now you'll find things on this humble little blog that you wont find anywhere else. I'm really excited about some of the brand new link building software that I've had the pleasure to beta test. Bookmark this page because there is some stuff here that you wont find anywhere else.

SEnuke has really taken center stage for a lot of reasons. This is extremely powerful software and really has change the way SEO is being conducted post 2010 or so. Functionally, this almost makes many of the other link building softwares almost redundant. SEnuke handles article submissions, web2.0 creation, social network profile creation and automatic posting, bookmarking, forum profile account creation with anchored links, rss feedlink building - SEnuke does it all. It even has a drag & drop interface for designing your own link building strategy for each campaign. You might not need any other tools besides this one, if you area okay with paying the monthly fee. It's for professionals but it's the easiest seo software I've ever used.

Comment Demon is Edwin's newest upgrade. He upgraded this right after he upgraded bookmarking demon. There is a %100 money back guarantee and it's a good product. All of Edwin's products are great. 

Article Submitter Platinum by Brad Callen -- Most internet marketers use this software to submit their articles. You still have to write the articles but it submits them to 300 directories for you automatically. White hat all the way with article submission software will get you hundreds of links every day if you use it every day. Check out my review.

The new article submitter platinum came out. It submits to more directories and its faster. It also has more directories that you can manually submit to. It auto fills the forms for you and you just submit. I use article submission software for my white hat sites mostly. They have good videos of this software Click here to see how it works.

Bookmarking Demon  --This software creates accounts for you at hundreds (thousands if you add to the list of sites) social bookmarking sites and allows you to bookmark your blog posts or sites. This is not black hat but it could be if you abuse it. It's up to you but I use it in a white hat way. You DO get tons of traffic and lots of one way links with your desired anchor text. One thing I like about this software is that it easily increases spider activity on your target site. I have found that this can lead to instant indexing if you constantly keep a site fresh in the social bookmarking community. I use this tool on every campaign.  The link to my review is in the sidebar.

Keyword Elite -- This is basically a professional level keyword tool. I use this everyday to pick out easy niches no one else is working. This is a must have otherwise you have to use the free tools and they suck. I started using this software in early 2008. It was different back then, much more streamlined. Now it's almost completely different software and it's much improved. You can execute a complete keyword analysis using this tool. It will even rank the keywords numerically in terms of ranking difficulty. This is an extremely valuable tool for anyone who is trying to uncover profitable niches and new keywords. Brad Callen keeps updating and improving his software. Like I said, I've been using his products for years now and I'm more than satisfied with his professionalism. This is a top notch product that every SEO professional should own.

Fast Blog Finder -- This excellent link building software will find blogs for you to comment on and parse them according to the criteria you select ie dofollow/nofollow etc... This has become the premier blog comment tool (does not submit comments automatically) for all white hatters looking to get links to their sites by leaving well thought out constructive comments on blogs. You simply enter your search term, or keyword, and hit enter. The software will return a bunch of relevant results. The best thing is that these results can be filtered in a variety of ways. This is the main attraction of this link building program. I like to sort by PageRank and I filter out the no-follow blogs. If you really understand search strings and how to find information on the internet, then you should be able to come up with some very interesting search strings. If you know what you are doing you will find many PR6 and PR7 opportunities.

Check out my post on black hat link building if you are into that kind of thing.

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