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Black Hat Link Building

So what does black hat seo forums, black hat cloaking, black hat optimization, black hat white hat seo, earl grey black hat, black hat tactics and black hat blogging all have in common? They are searches related to black hat link building. Let me start with black hat optimization.

Black Hat Optimization

I assume this means onpage black hat stuff as opposed to something like black hat link building, which I cover below. One thing that black hats do is keyword stuff. They stuff keywords onto their page to increase keyword density but that's not all. They sometimes stuff tons of keywords on a page because the keywords are so longtail that just having them on the page will get you to rank for them. For instance, "full service search engine optimization boston massachusetts" is such a longtail keyword that it will rank probably if you just have it on the page. I wonder if this page will eventually rank for that term? I really think black hat optimization is a misnomer. It just doesn't accurately describe black hat seo.

Black Hat Cloaking

Cloaking is basically when you allow search engines to see one page while visitors see another. Why would black hat seo's do that? They can create an ugly keyword stuffed page for the search engines but show a nice clean page to a visitor. This can be done a variety of ways from iframes to inline css and or the robots.txt file for example. The idea can be that you don't want other webmasters to land on your keyword stuffed page and flag your site to google. Or with the inline css stuff you can hide your keyword stuffing (but still see it in the source code mind you). With the robots.txt file you can cheat on your reciprocal links.

Black Hat Seo Forums

I want to recommend as the best Xrumer Forum, SEO and Money Making Discussions Community on the internet. It was started by Kensai, who was active in some of the xrumer forums for some time. He eventually created his own xrumer forum because there were problems with the other forums. People were bickering, spamming and so on. The people who make up the community at are generally much more friendly, serious and helpful.

Black Hat Tactics

Black hat tactics are simply doing those things that will get you ranked whether or not it falls inside or outside of the search engine guidelines. Search engines are vulnerable to certain tactics and that is what black hats exploit, along with the other accepted practices. Black hats and search engines have this in common: the search engines don't want black hats to make it harder for them to make money, and black hats don't want search engines to make it harder for them to make money!

Black hat tactics include keyword stuffing, spamdexing, automated link building and cloaking if you just want to boil it down. There's plenty of room in the link building department to get creative!

Black Hat White Hat?

Black hat and white hat are not really that different but then again they are. It's the same when you consider that ALL seo practices are meant to do one thing and that is to raise your rankings! No one needs to be all black hat or all white hat. A mixture is good depending on what your goals are. For instance, if a holiday is coming up and there is a popular item to buy for that holiday then you are going to need to rank quickly to take advantage of the surge in traffic. Say it's near halloween and suddenly Michael Jackson halloween costumes are all the rage. Who would have seen it coming??

Well if you want IN on that traffic and money you have to act FAST and start a black hat link building run. This is not long-term at all. You will need to use your software and skills to rank asap! A white hat approach would not work in this scenario. For this I would use some link building software.

Black Hat Blogging

There's no difference between using black hat seo on a blog or a website. You are still going to get automated links so you can rank asap. You are still gonna keyword stuff and you are still going to cloak if needed. Some might consider blog farming to be black hat blogging.

Blog farming is when you create a ton of blogs with software, post articles to them all with software (no writing, just scraping from ezines or something), and link the blogs to your money pages with good anchored links. The money pages rankings improve and you funnel traffic from the blogs as well.

A small blog farm around your money pages is a good buffer too. You can sometimes hurt your sites ranking (temporarily) but spamming a lot of links to it too quickly. Instead you can spam the links to your surrounding blogs (say just 6 of them or so) and then link THOSE to your site. See what I mean?

Black Hat Link Building

Black hat link building is a crazy subject that would rightfully take more space than I have left for this post. I could write 100 pages on it easy. Let me boil it down. You need targets to abuse. For this we learn to scrape the serps. There is plenty of black hat software out there and you can easily find a scraper. I use searchbot.

What do we scrape? We scrape places that you can drop your links. Places like scuttle sites, bookmarking sites, pligg sites, oggix shout boxes, answer sites, blogs, guestbooks, bbs boards, forums, places to create profile pages, places that host free blogs, directory submission pages, article submission pages, stats pages like awstats, weblogs (for feedlink building), foreign message boards and other places too. After you scrape you are ready to start a black hat link building campaign.

Black hats will then use software that specializes in submitting links to one of these groups of places. Guestbook spamming software like DITY will submit your link to your list of guestbooks that you scraped. And so it is with the rest of your targets. See, the idea is that many of these targets use the same software and require the exact same actions to successfully post your links. The software performs those repititious tasks for you. You get more links.

Black hat link building is so interesting! It's where all the meat is on the bone so to speak. The art of funneling juice from one page to another and to another, all the way back to your money pages is another kind of black hat link building.

By the way, the nooby should study the way I did this page. The main keyword I'm optimizing for is black hat link building so I've used it repeatedly and bolded it alot. I also used all of the related searches and bolded them too. Since google provides us with related searches it gives us an idea of what google really wants to see in these results. Therefore I put all of that information on this page.

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