Saturday, July 5, 2008

Keyword Elite

Keword Elite has made it into Googles Top Trends!! They must be making a killing over there at the im wishlist.

I've been using Keword Elite for a while now and it really is a good product. I have managed to unearth a ton of cool and profitable niches with keyword elite. I first have it generate a huge keyword list. Then I find all of the buying keywords and use those to generate even more keywords. Keyword Elite will generate thousands of keywords for you if you give it some time.

Keyword elite has other functions that I really like. It has the cost per click analysis and the amount of searches too. Sometimes, and this is what is really cool, you can find a long tail keyword in keyword elite and it actually has a lot of searches but very little competition. If you find a niche like that keep it to yourself!!

Keyword elite is right up there with Seo elite, both made by Brad Callen. These two products together are an awesome force. I use keyword elite to find the high paying niches and I use seo elite to analyze the competition. It works really well if you have your own system or rather once you get your method down. It's not link building software but it's part of the mix. This is about SEO.

I highly recommend Keword Elite to anyone who hasn't purchased it yet.

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