Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bookmarking Demon 4 Review | One Way Link Building Software


BMD4 has been out for a while now and has already been upgraded a few times. It now includes even more sites. After using this version for the last 6 months or so I can say that my favorite feature is the ability to add new sites that I find on my own. When I bookmark with BMD I am bookmarking to over 400 sites. This is truly kick ass!

There are a ton of pligg and scuttle sites out there. I use searchbot to find all the registration pages and simply paste the list into BMD.

End Update

Bookmarking Demon 4 is on the verge of officially launching. It is available here. It's only %60 of the full version. (Update: The full version has been out for a while) I have been testing it in beta though and I really love it. I already liked bookmarking demon 3 and I got tons of one way links with it, but bookmarking demon 4 is much better. It's actually not even an upgrade at all but an entirely new software! It really is. It doesn't look the same or anything. It's a huge, huge improvement.

It's got two modes, one for beginners and one for experts. Options are amazing too. The bottom line is that with bookmarking demon 3 you could create accounts at 20 sites but not all of them worked. Some you had to go to and set up the account manually but it was still pretty quick using bookmarking demon. But anyways, say out of 20 social bookmarking sites you would actually only successfully create accounts at about 10-14 sites.

Now with bookmarking demon 4 you can create accounts at 100 sites!! The beta version has just 58 sites but that's good for me for now. I'll take it. So everytime I bookmark a link it goes to 58 sites. That's 58 links. Actually it's more because for every keyword you enter it creates a tag at the social bookmarking sites. A tag gets its own page and thus you get another one way link.

(Update: My version of BMD has over 400 places to bookmark)

This is my favorite one way link building software for sure. I set it up to run huge amounts of links before bed every night. I also use it to get new sites indexed in less than 24 hours usually. Not to mention the traffic it brings. You can get some pretty good traffic from the social sites which is always a plus! I mainly use bookmarking demon 4 to get my anchored links. That's what matters most to me.

Fast Blog Finder Review

Fast Blog Finder is an excellent piece of software indeed! It will find you lots of one way links and that's what this whole blog is about, one way link building software. Fast Blog Finder searches for blogs that you can leave comments on. Of course when when you leave a comment on a blog you get a link back to your own website.

I used to to use Real Link Finder which was a free shareware software. It was great and I used it every day. But I switched then to Comment Demon as it found more blogs to comment on. However, it did not parse do follow from no follow. I had to use that Fire Fox plugin that puts a line through all no follow links.

Fast Blog Finder actually parses the do follow from the no follow so that's cool right there. It finds lots of blogs to comment on and you can parse the information in a variety of ways. I typically sort by page rank. I search almost exclusively for do follow blogs because they pass the link juice that's so important. No follow comments are good too for a number of reasons. For one no follow links still indicate relevance. You just don't get juice for it page rank wise, but the anchor texts still tell Goog what your site is about, so that's good.

No follow links are still followed, they just don't pass the google juice. But yahoo doesn't care at all about do follow. You can have all no follow links and rank number one in yahoo. So no follow is good too.

Fast Blog Finder first asks you to enter a search term or keyword. That way you can comment on relevant blogs. It tries to bring back blogs related to the keyword you enter. If you are creative you can find lots of high page rank pages to get those one way links from.

How much would it cost to purchase a pr5 link? Couple hundred bucks? Think about it. All you have to do is find one pr5 link with Fast Blog Finder and you've gotten your money's worth and then some. When it comes to one way link building software I consider this a must have. Even if you don't get fast blog finder itself, you need some kind of blog finding software. It's just that fast blog finder is definitely the best one.