Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Way Link Building

One way link building is now a term that people rarely use to describe just plain old link building. One way link building was meant to be distinct from reciprocal linking, where each party links to one another. Reciprocal linking used to be all the rage back in the day, say 2007 and earlier. One way link building is now just link building. Wow, time flies.

Links to your website are very important indeed. They are considered, more or less, as votes for your site. Not all votes are equal. Some "voters" are much more important that others. The important "voters" have high pagerank. It's good to have lots of one way links point to your website because your website will be more visible in the search engine results pages SERPS. In turn your website will get more traffic and therefore more sales. It's very simple really.

The number one thing your site needs to be successful is good content. Before we get any further I think we need to agree on exactly what "good" content is. But, the problem with that is it could take a while. In fact, I think everyone has their own idea of what good content is. To me content is about functionality. That's a strange way to put it but follow along for a second. Content should do a few things:

1. Attract visitors via search engines and keywords
2. Convince visitor to purchase your product or service.

If the content doesn't do that then it's not going to make the website owner as much money. That's not what I call "good" content. But I digress...

After putting some good content on your website, you'll need to get some links if you want to start conquering keywords, one by one. That's what this whole blog is about - getting links to your website. There are many ways to get nice links back to one's site. Some can be partially or completely automated while others require manual expertise. The problem with doing things by hand is scaling up. How can you take on 30 seo clients if you have to do everything by hand? How can you promote 100 of your own affiliate websites if you do it all by hand? It's impossible. That's why we must think of seo in terms of systems and networks. We need to be able to automate those repetitive, mindless tasks that are a necessary part of our jobs as seo's or internet marketers. Otherwise, there is no way to scale up and surf those BIG waves of success!

Link building software
has come a long way in the last few years. There have been many innovations which have lead to great improvements. I'm thinking, just off the top of my head, of randomization. Bookmarking Demon, article submitters and such; they were always submitting the same links, same footprints etc... Now with randomization, most link building software tools are much more effective as they don't leave big footprints. The benefit is that more articles, bookmarks and forum profiles get indexed than back in the good old days.

Feedback from a very active black hat seo community has helped to shape some of this innovative seo link building software. Things are looking good for seo link building software in 2011, at least in my opinion. I'm happy with things.

In this blog I review some of the tools that I use to do my day to day seo work. I hope you can benefit from my experience.